Biohaven Floating Wetland Technology is designed around the same principles as a naturally occurring wetland. The man-made “floating islands” provide an optimal habitat for microbial and plant species.

Similar to a wetland, the plants and microbes improve water quality. Unlike natural wetlands, they offer enhanced microbial growth by expanding available underwater surface area, i.e. microbial habitat.

The result is a new and strategic means to achieve a concentrated wetland effect. Along with the nutrient removal processes, BioHaven FTWs also provide ancillary benefits for water treatment.

They immediately increase retention time as the flow of water is “redirected” through or around the BioHaven FTWs and the physical embodiment of the BioHaven FTWs also physically traps solids within the water column.

Blue Frog Water Gardens is pleased to be the exclusive Ontario distributor for this amazing system.