Phytotechnology is the use of science and engineering that contributes to the goals of sustainability by the use of plants to improve water, soil and air quality.

Plants can be used to solve environmental problems like purifying air, water and soil, controlling erosion and run-off, and helping to remediate degraded sites. The uses of plants are referred to as phytotechnology.

Phytotechnology is being used more and more and offer alternatives to conventional engineering approaches. Valued for their low investment costs, high success rates, they provide economic environmental solutions.


As the plants on Beemats Floating Treatment Wetlands grow, the bio-available nutrients in the water are taken up by roots and stored in the growing plant tissues. Periodic harvesting of the mature plants prevents the stored nitrogen and phosphorus from entering the water when the plants die and decompose.  The drivers of aquatic nutrient removal are actively growing plants.

Our patented floating wetland system optimizes nutrient harvesting through efficient biomass removal and rapid regrowth of established plants.



The floating platforms are constructed of closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam. The plants are encased in reusable polypropylene or biodegradable Danimer plastic aerated pots that are locked into the foam mats and allow root development to extend into the water column. Stainless steel grommets, embedded in Permalon plastic, create connection points for anchoring and for fabricating the components into islands.


Plant removal is the key.


Beemats has been conducting experiments for twenty-two years to develop a system that provides the benefits of vegetated littoral shelves without the problems associated with fluctuating water levels.

Our floating wetlands create a shallow water environment on pond surfaces. By suspending the roots in the surface water, we encourage the development of a rich, biodiverse, epiphytic community of microscopic plants and animals that increase nutrient bioavailability and uptake by the plants




Blue Frog Water Gardens is pleased to be the exclusive distributor for this amazing system.

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