No one company does it all. We researched and found specific products from a variety of companies that are the best in the industry and also compliment each other.

From OASE Filters to Atlantic Pumps, Airmax Aeration & Fountains, to Microbe-Lift & Crystal Clear conditioners, we provide you quality products and systems.

BFWG also has DIY pond kits available in various sizes; 4x6, 6x8, 8x11, 11x16, and 21x26.


German Engineering at its best. OASE is the worlds leading manufacturer of pond equipment.

Their Filter and UV systems are amazing.          

We know that to be true as we use this system on our pond and fish tanks here at Blue Frog Water Gardens.

BFWG offers the OASE Clear Water Guarantee, the industry's only supplier to guarantee pond water quality.

Contact us for more information on how this system provides clear water on existing ponds or new installations.

Not all pumps are created equal. Atlantic has some of the best pumps in the pond industry.
Blue Frog Water Gardens uses their pump products for our pond and other water displays at our location.
Atlantic also has pond kits, lighting kits and aeration systems available.


Blue Frog Water Gardens is pleased to be an authorized distributor for Airmax.
Airmax is the industry leader for aeration and fountain systems.  
We have installed these systems for many years and cannot express in words the quality in engineering for their aeration systems and fountains.


Blue Frog Water Gardens is pleased to be an authorized distributor for Aquascape.
Aquascape has a variety of water features that will enhance your yard to provide a soothing and relaxing environment that can relieve the daily stresses of life.
Visit our Features page to see some of the systems available. 

We have sourced the best conditioners in the pond marketplace. Each one does a specific job in treating your pond.
Conditioning your pond water is important. The summer heat and UV from the sun can cause string algae and algae blooms.
Crystal Clear Barley Extract is a liquid conditioner that goes to work as soon as its applied.
Microbe-Lift has a variety of conditioners that work throughout the seasons.
For large pond treatment we recommend ClearOut and MuckAway.
These are amazing conditioners and we guarantee its results.
Come and see us to discuss your conditioner needs.  


We have tried many rakes over the years for our maintenance services. This is by far the best rake we have used and they are now available for purchase from Blue Frog Water Gardens. And the bonus is these are Made In Ontario!