Harness the Power of Mother Nature

Windmill and Solar Aeration Systems offer Environmentally Friendly and Cost Effective Solutions to treat wastewater and lagoons.

Harness the power of wind energy to aerate your wastewater lagoon without the use of electricity.

Looking to go off the grid? We can do that as well, with Solar Powered Aeration Systems.

Solar Pond Aerators are a great way to aerate in areas where you don't have access to power or wind.


With more than twenty years in the municipal and onsite wastewater industry BFWG has the experience and expertise in pond and lagoon aeration applications using solar, windmill and electric powered aeration systems.

We are licensed with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing under the Part 8 of the Ontario Building Code. We work with the onsite wastewater and municipal industry regarding the effective use of aeration on sewage lagoons.

Blue Frog Water Gardens also works with Ontario post-secondary environmental programs on course development and research studies where aeration and water plant treatment for wastewater are applied.

Contact us for a site visit to determine the best solution for your aeration requirements.